The team

If you have any general questions or are considering whether global local is for you, send us an email at…

…or contact one of the members of our project team.

The project team consists of full-time employees of the Evangelischen Jugendwerk in Württemberg (EJW, protestant youth organization), who invest between 20 and 50 percent of their work in global local and can be contacted at any time.

Barbara Matt

Project leader, cross-cultural integration

Barbara Matt has been put in charge of global local by the EJW (protestant youth organization). As a globetrotter, she has lived in Poland, Bolivia and Britain. Meeting Christians in other countries has taught her a great deal about God. She loves bringing people from different backgrounds together and discovering common ground by spending time with each other.

Iris Williams

Back office, cosmopolitan

Iris Williams is in charge of the back office for the project at the EJW. She grew up in Tanzania and has strong connections with India, loves immersing herself in other languages and cultures and believes in overcoming walls through cross-cultural communication.

Denzel Thys

Campaign, Design

Denzel Thys is from South Africa and was born ten years before Apartheid ended. He has been living in Germany since 2018 and heads one of the departments of the EJW. He believes that every person has huge potential which is to be discovered and realized for the greater good of all. In South Africa, he served as a project manager for Youth for Christ for many years, accompanying volunteers from all over the world.

Fred Eick

Program supervisor, cross-cultural coach

Fred Eick is employed by the German missions organization DMG and spent 16 years in China. He spends a lot of his time with people from many different cultures. He loves the cross-cultural exchange “because it enriches us. This diversity shows us who Jesus Christ really is.”

Tobias Kenntner

Social Media, Digital Learning Designer

Tobias Kenntner is currently working as Digital Learning Designer and heading one of the departments of the protestant youth organization in Württemberg (EJW). Loving God and loving people is his passion. He believes in encouragement and growth in people’s lives. Tobi enjoys good coffee, tranveling around the world – and he loves how God loves him.

Reinhold Krebs

Cross-cultural pioneer

Reinhold Krebs is one of the department heads of the Evangelische Jugendwerk Würrtemberg (protestant youth organization). Together with others, he helped initiate global local to lay the ground for fresh expressions of church. He has been actively involved in the church network Fresh X for years. Until the summer of 2021, he is going to contribute his wealth of experience to the project. He is convinced that global local can lead YMCAs, other organizations and churches onto a path of spiritual discovery that will bring about real change and an opening up.

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