The project group

The project group consists of volunteers participating in global local.

Dung Bich Nhi Dang

Theology student | Wuppertal

Protestant theology student, member of the board of the Jugendverband der Evangelisch-Vietnamesischen Tin-Lanh Gemeinde in Deutschland (jve, youth association of the protestant Vietnamese Tin-Lanh church in Germany) and chair of the Ev.-Vietnamesisch Jugend der Tin-Lanh Kirche in Europa (protestant vietnamese youth of the Tin-Lanh church in Europe). 

Heidi Josua

Department head for the Salam Center and the Arabic Evangelical Church | Stuttgart

Studied religious education and oriental studies and works for the Salam Center and the Arabic Evangelical Church in Stuttgart. Her marriage is cross-cultural and she is involved in integration projects and refugee assistance programs.

Steffi and Peter Arthur

Gemeinde Akebulan e.V. (Akebulan church)| Berlin

Stefanie Arthur: child care worker, co-leader of a disability inclusion gospel choir, contributing to the work of the Gemeinde Akebulan e.V. as Peter’s assistant.

Peter Arthur: religious educator and pastor of the free intercultural Gemeinde Akebulan e.V. In Berlin, bridge builder.

Horst Engelmann

Director of World Mission at Forum Wiedenest | Bergneustadt

Spent 16 years in Tanzania and is involved in cross-cultural networking across Germany forJesusUnites and Christ4All.

Michel Youssif

Pastor of the Arabisch-deutsche evangelische Gemeinde (Arabic-German protestant church) | Hanover

Pastor and founder of the Arabisch-deutsche evangelische Gemeinde in Hanover (ADEG); born in Cairo; chair of the Internationale Konferenz christlicher Gemeinden Niedersachsen (international conference of Christian churches for Lower Saxony) and deputy chair of the ev. Allianz arabischsprechender Menschen in der EU (Evangelical Alliance of Arabic speakers in Europe).

Jonathan Hong

Protestant pastor and project pioneer | Wuppertal

Protestant pastor, project pioneer in the Internationale Evangelische Gemeinschaft Wuppertal (international protestant congregation in Wuppertal), enjoys traveling and loves international cuisine. 

Thomas Klammt

Coordinator for integration and training | Elstal

Baptist pastor and coordinator for integration and training (for the BEFG, Union of Evangelical Free Churches (Baptists) in Germany); wrote a book called „Gott schafft das! Gemeinde mit Menschen aus aller Welt“ (engl.: God can do it! How to do church with people from all over the world); loves soccer. 

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