Our Plan

Global local is a four-year project which started in October of 2020. Our big goal is to have a 40-day global local program take place in hundreds of towns and cities all over Germany by 2024.

But of course we will have take it step by step. Many parts of it have yet to be developed. Here is an overview of what we plan to do.

Global local is meant to spread in concentric circles over the course of the following years. 

You could schedule a 40-day global local program for Lent in 2022 even now. Other time slots could be used as well .

Of course we are going to develop the program materials package and all of our ideas over the next few years. And we will work on checklists and support for local outreach work. 

Moreover, we are going to introduce global local at suitable events with an info booth. Or we will support you in doing so.

Outreach Work
Developing a logo. Digital communication channels (a homepage and an instagram channel) are in the process of being created. You want to be kept up to date on global local? Sign up for our newsletter! Step by step, clips and digital templates are being developed so you can advertise and invite people to participate in global local in your hometown. Would you like to do a takeover on our instagram channel? Contact Tobias Kenntner.
Pilot Projects
In 2021, we are looking for 15 organizations and churches who are bold enough to help us develop the know how, ideas and materials for the program. During the pilot year, a local program doesn’t necessarily have to go on for all of 40 days. Some are planning on hosting a “global local month of encounters” in the fall, for instance. You want to help shape global local? You don’t need everything to be set and ready to go? Then contact us to register your pilot project with Denzel Thys.
Materials & Ideas
A few ideas to start your group with can be found here. There will be more to follow in the summer of 2021. This is still one of the biggest areas needing improvement. You can find an overview of what is to be developed here. By the way: we have a small editorial team contributing to the thinking, writing and development process. Want to join the team? Contact Barbara Matt.
Program Supervisor
We are looking for people who share the vision of global local and would be willing to accompany local programs as external advisors. Just what you would like to do? Then contact Fred Eick .
Strategic Partner
By 2024, could global local become the hot topic of the year in your church/organization? We are still looking for further strategic partners who feel they could use a good dose of cross-cultural integration in their networks. And we would like to convince many local churches or initiatives to join global local. Simply contact Denzel Thys .

What is a suitable time slot for a global local program in your town?

Naturally, Lent right before Easter might be a good time. So, instead of going seven weeks without something, you could go seven weeks WITH global local.

You can also fit a 40-day program between Easter and Pentecost.

Or maybe use the start of a new school year to introduce a new focus to your small groups and bible study groups? Reformation Day could also be incorporated.

Global local wants to help facilitate a renewal within the church towards more cultural diversity so we will be able to discover the richness of God’s people even in our hometowns..

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