What unites us


Jesus Christ is at the center of our fellowship. He invites all of us. Through him we experience unity in diversity. 


Anyone can join global local! Each person is invited to experience fellowship through global local. We all belong to God’s big family. We will open up to each other, want to share our life experiences with each other and reflect on our attitudes, views and traditions.


We will become aware of our commonalities and our differences and take them seriously. We will not denigrate differences and things we don’t understand and will not look down on each other. We will show each other understanding and empathy. We want to see in each other what God sees in us. We will live appreciative encounters on par with each other.


We will give each other the space each of us needs to express their own views and will look for common ground through fellowship. Global local means to be on a journey together. We will join together in different activities and, in doing so, have meaningful encounters. Each individual is an important part of the whole and will contribute to global local with their own gifts.


We all know that being human involves a lifetime of learning and making mistakes. None of us are perfect. Mistakes are bound to happen. We want to take responsibility for them, be honest with ourselves and each another, forgive one another, laugh about ourselves and continue on our journey together as a fellowship of learners. 


Carried by God’s love, we will take steps towards each other even though we may not know each other yet. Full of hope, we will build the kingdom of God through global local, counting on his blessing. We will experience that, through our encounters and intercultural fellowship, we can encounter God in entirely new ways, gain new insights and perspectives, experience new things and grow.

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