The special thing is that the 40 days of encounters have arisen from brothers and sisters in faith from all over the world praying and working together. A piece of heaven seems to be hidden in cross-cultural togetherness.
﹣ Frauke Junghans
Frauke Junghans, independent church advisor and organizational developer
Frauke’s job is to provide a space for people to discover their heart’s desire and to be able to communicate with each other as best as they can.
„I long for a church based on love, humility and joy. To me, global local is the first building block for this new church of tomorrow.“
﹣ Dung Bich Nhi Dang
Dung Bich Nhi Dang, theology student at the theological college Wuppertal/Bethel
Bich Nhi (Myo) is currently studying theology at the theological college Wuppertal/Bethel. Her goal in life is to follow Jesus. For her, love and humility are essential. Myo loves snacks, potato chips or sushi - whatever tastes good!
„In global local, I can find fellow travelers and a treasure trove of experience in the field of cross-cultural work from which anyone can benefit.”
﹣ Jonathan Hong
Jonathan Hong, project pioneer in the Internationale Evangelische Gemeinschaft Wuppertal (international protestant congregation in Wuppertal) and pastor with the EKiR (protestant church in Rhineland)
Jonathan was born in Cologne and grew up in a South Korean international evangelical church. Today, he is excited to be a protestant pastor. He is fascinated by the diversity of the church worldwide and his heart’s desire is to unite Christians from different denominations.
Unity in Christ is a wonderful gift grounded in the Gospel. We must protect and cultivate this unity. I believe global local is a wonderful tool to promote cross-cultural and interdenominational unity.
﹣ Mike Lee
Department head for international churches and intercultural inclusion within the Protestant church in Rhineland; management of the Internationaler Kirchenkonvent Rheinland-Westfalen (International Church Convention Rhineland-Westphalia)
Interculturality is a significant aspect of my life: my parents came to Germany from South Korea and I grew up in Germany, lived in the US and Canada for some time and have been living in Düsseldorf with my family since 2007.
40 days of cross-cultural encounters will facilitate the experience of cultural diversity as a huge asset for a community.
﹣ Horst Engelmann
Director for World Mission at Forum Wiedenest + JesusUnites coordinator
For many years now, Horst has been working on cross-cultural networking within Germany. He lived in Tanzania with his family for several years and is still enthusiastic about learning from other cultures.
„Let me invite you to look beyond the horizon! Let us travel this road together - from different cultural backgrounds, but headed for a common future in God!“
﹣ Heidi Josua
Department head for the Salam Center and the Arabic Evangelical Church | Stuttgart
Heidi is passionately intercultural: she has been married to the Orient for almost 40 years, officially - and also in her heart. She needs the sound of the Arabic language as much as she needs Bach’s music. She invites God to touch her life and others’ through Christ-centered Arabic-German art projects. In doing so, she has built bridges between people and cultures and encourages everyone to make “the best of all worlds” shine bright.

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